Elmira Rod & Gun Club


Private / Non-profit

Elmira, ON, Canada

Est. 1970?

Located in Elmira, we are a club of sportsmen and women interested in shooting, archery, hunting and fishing.

Our club is composed of roughly 275+ members from all across the Region of Waterloo, surrounding townships and other cities as far away as Toronto.

We provide and maintain facilities in accordance with Federal, Provincial and Municipal Firearms regulations for members to congregate and enjoy the fine sport of shooting.

In addition we support and encourage responsible firearms ownership as well as the promotion of firearms related events, competitions and activities for anyone interested.

Our general meetings are held at the club house, at 8:00PM on the second Tuesday of each month.
New and prospective members are always welcome to attend and get a feel for what we're all about.
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Club Sign

Our club boasts one of the largest shooting facilities in Waterloo Region including a fully functional club house and picnic area as well as both indoor and outdoor shooting ranges for everything ranging from long guns and handguns to archery and air rifle/field target.


Club Entrance

Our comfortable and spacious clubhouse contains everything our members need including a meeting area, banquet hall, trophy case, kitchen & bar, as well as a social area/break room complete with competition sized snooker table. The Club House is used for everything from our monthly membership meetings to hosting special events like gunshows and tournament registration. The Club's indoor range is also located just downstairs from the main meeting area making it a convenient spot to take a break from shooting and relax with a cool drink. Naturally the fridge is always stocked with a nice selection of reasonably priced beverages; proceeds of which go directly to supporting Club facilities

Picnic Area

The Picnic area is big enough to accomodate even very large groups with both covered and uncovered sections; providing enoughcooperative. Best of all, it has an excellent view of the Archery range allowing spectators to relax in style while still enjoying the splendor of the great outdoors. Picnickers will also find the Picnic Area conveniently located just a few hundred feet from the Club's Covered Horseshoe Pits which makes for some cheap and easy entertainment on a lazy afternoon.

Picnic shelter
Picnic Shelter

100 Yard Range

Shelter for 100 Yard range
100 Yard Shelter

Clay Thrower
Clay thrower station

The 100 Yard Range is one of our most popular areas, able to meet the needs of just about anybody whether you're a new shooter just beginning the sport, a seasoned member stopping by with a few friends or an experienced marksman looking for a new challenge. With target bunkers stationed at 25, 50, 75 and 100 yards, it's easy to spend an afternoon with us using anything from handguns to longguns rated up to .50 caliber.
The 100 yard range is completely covered offering shooters some shade in the warmer months as well as a dry place to hone their skills in even the the harshest downpours. Features include on-site brass collection, saving you a trip to the dumpster as well as several gunracks free for member use allowing you to take several firearms out to shoot without worrying about how to keep them out of harm's way.

In addition to the standard handgun and longgun, members are free to use the club's dedicated shotgun booth and clay-thrower to practice their clay-shooting skills in time for duck-season. Pull!

200 Yard Range

Just a two minute walk from the 100 Yard Range you'll find our 200 Yard Range. With capacity for 15 shooters there's always room to practice those challenging long-range shots that never fail to put a smile on your face. Like it's smaller brother, the 200 Yard Range is completely covered providing members with a comfortable, dry place with ample room to set up multiple longguns, bipods, rangefinders and ammunition containers without having to worry about the weather or space. Like the 100 Yard, the 200 Yard range also has on-site brass collection and gunracks eliminating irritating problem of having to trek back to the car every time you want to switch guns or drop off spent cases

200 Yd. Targets

Indoor Range

Indoor Range
Indoor Shooting area

With space for 6 shooters, the Indoor Range is rated for .22 caliber longguns as well as all non-jacketed handgun rounds (lead only). Used extensively by the Canagigue Shooting Association for practice and competitions, the Indoor range is also very popular in the evenings. Equipped with a high output air purification system, operational and target spotlighting, handgun competition timing system, complimentary paper targets and ample storage space for multiple firearms; the Indoor Range makes an excellent alternative for shooters who prefer to ply their trade indoors as well as during the winter months when the outdoor ranges are generally not operating.

Archery Range

With arguably the largest and best-equipped Archery range in Waterloo Region, Elmira District Rod & Gun Club is proud to offer a superior Archery experience to members and competitors in our numerous well-attended Tournaments. The Archery range presents members with a wide array of shooting targets ranging from traditional paper bullseyes to top of the line realistic 3D animal targets maintained by the club. With room for half a dozen Archers, table space for bows, arrows and bags plus parking just footsteps away, Archery at our Club is practiced the way it was meant to be, in a realistic outdoor environment free of distraction and cramped shooting spaces.

Archery targets


Elmira District Rod & Gun Club prides itself on being not just a shooting range, but a club for firearms and archery enthusiasts. In recent years as our membership has continued to grow we have experienced a sharp increase in the consumption of resources and use of our facilities while the number of volunteers and participants at events has remained relatively static. We have some of the lowest club dues in all of southern Ontario while offering some of the best and most diverse facilities in no small part due to the contributions of members who volunteer to help with the maintenance, events and committees that make us such a popular facility.

In order to help keep rates low as well as to preserve our culture of community spirit and camaraderie, we are now taking additional steps to ensure the men and women who join us are the kind of people who are prepared to make a committment and be a part of our club rather than just show up to shoot twice a year and leave a mess. If this sounds like too much work, we're probably not the club for you.

In order to become a full member of the Elmira District Rod & Gun Club you will be required to complete our application process. During this period you will begin as a Prospective Member, attend two meetings and then serve a period of time as a Probationary Member before receiving your keys to the facility and full membership privileges. This is done to ensure all members are responsible firearms owners who will conduct themselves in accordance with the values and expectations of Elmira District Rod & Gun Club. Please note, none of these steps are negotiable.

Prospective Members

Prospective members begin by volunteering at two club events and securing a sponsor (existing member of not less than one year in good standing). If you do not know anyone at the club the best way to find a sponsor is to attend a club meeting (second Tuesday of every month at 8:00PM) or event and introduce yourself as someone looking to join. After completing two volunteer activities, prospective members must attend their first meeting.

Obtain the Prospective/Probationary Member form used to record your volunteer activities and sponsor. Membership Application (Pdf)
First Meeting
During your first meeting you will be expected to turn in your Prospective Member form and introduce yourself to the Club Executive. Ask to speak with the Membership Chair, he will provide you with a membership application which should be completed and returned at the meeting's end. Please ensure you have your PAL/POL license present as you will need the number from it as well as some standard identification to complete the application.

Police Records Check
In preparation for your second meeting you will be required to obtain a Police Records Check. To acquire this, go to your local Police Department and inform them that you would like to request a PRC for a Gun Club application. The Police will ask you to provide two pieces of identification, there is also a nominal fee charged as part of this process so be prepared.

Second Meeting
At your second meeting you will be asked to furnish your Police Records Check after which the Club will hold a vote on your application, if successful you will become a Probationary Member and be given back your PRC and asked to make payment on your dues as well as schedule a Safety and Range Orientation Course before you use our facilities.

Probationary Membership
Probationary Members must complete two separate shooting competency assessments before receiving keys to the facilities and permission to have guests. Each assessment must be recorded on your Prospective/Probationary Membership Form, witnessed and signed by a certified Range Officer or member of the Executive. When the form is complete, present it to the Membership Chair at a regular club meeting.

The standard annual membership rate is $175/year, plus a one-time $75 initiation fee for new members. Family membership rates are also available on request; this consists of a discounted rate for your or your spouse but does not include children. Current members who wish to renew their membership must do so by January 1st or they will be assessed a $25 late fee. Current members who have not renewed by February 1st will be assessed the full Initiation Fee should they choose to renew.

Keys will only be issued to new or returning members upon payment in full of dues. Once payment is complete, members will be required to claim their key, in person. Keys will not be mailed out nor will special appointments or exceptions be made under any circumstances. In the case of new members, applicants must first complete a full Range Orientation before they will receive their key. Keys are considered the property of the Club and should a member decide to leave or not renew their membership they must be returned or they will be considered stolen.

In order to be accepted into the Canagagigue Shooting Association, prospective members are required to first be a member in good standing of the Elmira Rod & Gun Club for a minimum of six months.

To Join

Obtain a Canagagigue Shooting Association membership application and request a Range Safety Course from our Club Range Safety Officer, these courses are scheduled on a request basis.
Canagagigue Application (Pdf)


Canagagigue Shooting Association meetings are held when requested after the Elmira Rod & Gun Club meetings.


The standard annual membership rate for the Canagagigue Shooting Association is $75/year; please note that this is in addition to your membership fees for the Elmira Rod & Gun Club. Fees collected for the Canagagigue Shooting Association go towards the cost of maintaining your ATT while those collected for the Elmira Rod & Gun Club take care of the ranges and facilities.

ATT (Authorization to Transport)

In order to transport Restricted firearms legally in Ontario, residents must be in possession of a Federal ATT (Authorization to transport) for target shooting. If you are a member in good standing who has successfully passed the safety courses and do not already have an ATT from another club, the Canagagigue Shooting Association Secretary will apply for your ATT. This process can take several weeks so apply early to avoid having to wait.

Club Rules

As a respected member of the community, the Elmira Rod & Gun Club strives to conduct itself in a safe and responsible manner at all times. As such, we have a 'One-strike and you're out' rule for any members who break range safety or conduct rules. For example; placing a target on a bunker or handling a firearm in an unsafe manner is sufficient to expel that member from the club. Be safe, use all safety equipment, appoint a Range Officer if there is more than one person shooting and always treat members and citizens with the respect that you in turn would expect from others

In order to maintain a good standing with the Chief Firearm Officers (CFO) it is important that all members adhere to the club rules set by its members.

  • Club Regulations
  • All membership dues must be paid no later than the December Annual Club Meeting (excluding new members joining throughout the year).
  • New members must have a range tour, receive a copy of Club regulations & specific range rules before using Club facilities.
  • Photo ID badges must be worn and/or displayed by all members. If you cannot prove that you are a current member you must leave the Club property if asked to do so.
  • All members must report any range damage or misconduct to Range Officer and/or Club Executives.
  • Any conduct with the Chief Firearms Office regarding any issue at this Club can only be done by the acting Range Operator who is presently recorded as main contact for this Club.
  • Members are asked to take the time to make any minor repairs such as replacing backer boards, emptying garbage, trimming grass from top of bunkers.
  • Main Gate
    • If gate is locked when you arrive, lock it after entering.
    • If gate is open when you arrive, leave it open. However, if you are the last one to leave, lock it.
    • Main gate Range In Use sign must be used every time shooting occurs on Club facility.
  • Everyone using Club ranges are to be aware of possible lead residue on ranges. No food or drink allowed on ranges.
  • Appoint a Range Officer. It is the duty of everyone on Club property to make sure all shooting is conducted in a safe manner and anyone, including spectators, witnessing unsafe handling of firearms or conduct may call a cease fire.
  • Eye & ear protection must be used by all shooters & ear protection used by spectators.
  • Members are responsible for their guests and must be in total supervision of them for shooting discipline being used.
  • Members may only bring a guest a maximum of three times, after that they either join the club or shoot elsewhere.
  • Anyone under the influence of alcohol is not to handle a firearm.
  • The shooting positions kneeling, sitting or lying on range floor are NOT permitted on any range at this Club.
  • Take any defective ammo home with you for proper disposal. Do not put it in Club garbage containers.
  • Red/Green Light System
    • All shooters are to use Range In Use signs & the Red/Green light system where provided.
    • Red light must be on when firearms are being handled in any manner.
    • Green light is on only when it is safe to go forward of the firing line.
    • No one can touch a firearm when green light is on.
    • The circuit breaker for range lights is the top right one located in fuse panel downstairs in the storage room behind pool room.
  • Targets must be placed on backer boards & all metallic silhouettes must be inside bunkers.
  • Pick up brass & dispose of targets after your event.
  • No portable target holders allowed unless authorized by Club Executive.
  • Water bottles & balloons are permitted as targets but must be in bunkers or on backer boards. Dispose of them when finished.
  • Human silhouette targets are NOT allowed at this Club.
  • When sighting in shotguns, bring your own cardboard to be placed in front of bunkers to prevent backer boards from being destroyed.
  • Anyone caught placing targets on top of bunkers or on overhead baffles will be permanently evicted from Club property.
  • Prohibited firearms & home made firearms are not allowed on Club property (grandfathered handguns are permitted).
  • Restricted firearms users must have a valid Authorization To Transport & must use sign-in book provided in 100yd range target shed or indoor range.
  • Members who own restricted firearms & have a valid Authorization To Transport & wish to introduce a guest to the sport may only bring one guest at a time & he or she must be under direct supervision at all times.
  • Air rifles above 500 ft/second must comply with all CFO firearms regulations regarding range use. Note: Pellet pistols above 500 ft/second are a restricted firearm.

  • The following infractions will result in permanent eviction from this Club:
  • Disregarding of Club regulations.
  • Improper use of firearms and/or Club facilities or equipment.
  • Disregard to fellow members.
  • Theft of any kind.

  • Indoor Range
  • The indoor range is sanctioned for handguns, .22 rimfire, air-rifle and archery only. If archery is being used, you must supply a butt stop placed directly in front of backstop. Archery & firearms CANNOT be used simultaneously.
  • Both doors must be locked when shooting is in progress.
  • Range warning lights must be used when shooting is in progress.
  • Five rounds max in autoloaders
  • Jacketed bullets are prohibited
  • No shooting of firearms is allowed forward of the stationary firing line.
  • No portable target any type is permitted for use with firearms.
  • When finished shooting, pick up all brass, dispose of targets and sweep entire area before leaving. Gloves and masks are available.
  • Bush Air Rifle Range
  • Range is limited to air rifles of 500 ft/second or less.
  • Archery may also be used on the bush air rifle range.
  • When the bush air rifle range is being used, the clay bird thrower CANNOT be used.
  • Sign must be placed on bird thrower indicating air rifle range is in use.

  • 100 Yard Range
  • The 100 Yard & 100/200 Yard Ranges CAN be used simultaneously.
  • The gate between these two ranges must be kept closed.
  • The 100 Yard range & clay bird thrower CAN be used simultaneously.
  • The 100 Yard Range is sanctioned for handgun, centrefire, .22 rimfire, shotgun, black powder & air rifle.
  • Standing & sitting at benches is only position allowed. No shooting forward of shooting benches.
  • All shooting at bunkers & backstops must be done at designated shooting benches pertaining to distance as posted above shooting bench.
  • If air rifles are being used at distances other than the 25, 50 or 75 Yard bunkers, metallic silhouettes must be in a suitable constructed bunker approved by the Club Range Operator to prevent ricochets.
  • "Range In use" sign & red/green light must be used.

  • Clay Bird Thrower/Shotgun Range
  • The Clay Bird Thrower/Shotgun Range CANNOT be used when Bush Air Rifle Range is in use.
  • The rope on pole at SE corner of Club house must be strung across to the tree at the LH side of the 100 Yard Range berm & provided signs hung on rope indicating Clay Bird Thrower/Shotgun Range in use.
  • Only one shooter at a time who must be inside shooting cage.
  • Pick up all shells & break up clay birds on lawn to as small as possible.

  • 100/200 Yard Combination Range
  • This range is BENCH REST shooting position only.
  • This range is sanctioned for centrefire only.
  • "Range In Use" sign & red/green light system must be used.
  • Also the ORANGE 200 Yard Range In Use sign situated at the 100 Yard Range shooting bench must be lowered.
  • Shooters may take their vehicle on pathway to 200 Yard shooting bench to unload equipment but must park their vehicle in Club parking lot to further warn that the 200 Yard Range is in use.
  • Air Rifle shooters must have metallic silhouettes in a suitable constructed bunker approved by the Club Range Operator to prevent ricochets.

  • Archery Range
  • To date there is no CFO jurisdiction over Archery Ranges.
  • Archers are asked NOT to use broadheads on non-3D targets in practice area.
  • Targets are placed in designated areas by archery Executives and are not to be relocated by members.
  • The last 1/3 of the Archery Trail is closed until further notice; Archers may use the first 2/3 up to the rope barrier at the end of the stretch behind the 100-Yard Range.

Range Safety Bulletin

By orders of the Club Range Safety Officer, the downstairs indoor range is closed effective immediately.