Our club boasts one of the largest shooting facilities in Waterloo Region including a fully functional club house and picnic area as well as both indoor and outdoor shooting ranges for everything ranging from longguns and handguns to archery and air rifle/field target.

Club House

Our comfortable and spacious clubhouse contains everything our members need including a meeting area, banquet hall, trophy case, kitchen & bar, as well as a social area/break room complete with competition sized snooker table. The Club House is used for everything from our monthly membership meetings to hosting special events like gunshows and tournament registration. The Club's indoor range is also located just downstairs from the main meeting area making it a convenient spot to take a break from shooting and relax with a cool drink. Naturally the fridge is always stocked with a nice selection of reasonably priced beverages; proceeds of which go directly to supporting Club facilities.

Picnic Area

The Picnic area is big enough to accomodate even very large groups with both covered and uncovered sections; providing enoughcooperative. Best of all, it has an excellent view of the Archery range allowing spectators to relax in style while still enjoying the splendor of the great outdoors. Picnickers will also find the Picnic Area conveniently located just a few hundred feet from the Club's Covered Horseshoe Pits which makes for some cheap and easy entertainment on a lazy afternoon.

100 Yard Range

The 100 Yard Range is one of our most popular areas, able to meet the needs of just about anybody whether you're a new shooter just beginning the sport, a seasoned member stopping by with a few friends or an experienced marksman looking for a new challenge. With target bunkers stationed at 25, 50, 75 and 100 yards, it's easy to spend an afternoon with us using anything from handguns to longguns rated up to .50 caliber. The 100 yard range is completely covered offering shooters some shade in the warmer months as well as a dry place to hone their skills in even the the harshest downpours. Features include on-site brass collection, saving you a trip to the dumpster as well as several gunracks free for member use allowing you to take several firearms out to shoot without worrying about how to keep them out of harm's way. In addition to the standard handgun and longgun, members are free to use the club's dedicated shotgun booth and clay-thrower to practice their clay-shooting skills in time for duck-season. Pull!

200 Yard Range

Just a two minute walk from the 100 Yard Range you'll find our 200 Yard Range. With capacity for 15 shooters there's always room to practice those challenging long-range shots that never fail to put a smile on your face. Like it's smaller brother, the 200 Yard Range is completely covered providing members with a comfortable, dry place with ample room to set up multiple longguns, bipods, rangefinders and ammunition containers without having to worry about the weather or space. Like the 100 Yard, the 200 Yard range also has on-site brass collection and gunracks eliminating irritating problem of having to trek back to the car every time you want to switch guns or drop off spent cases.

Indoor Range

With space for 6 shooters, the Indoor Range is rated for .22 caliber longguns as well as all non-jacketed handgun rounds (lead only). Used extensively by the Canagigue Shooting Association for practice and competitions, the Indoor range is also very popular in the evenings. Equipped with a high output air purification system, operational and target spotlighting, handgun competition timing system, complimentary paper targets and ample storage space for multiple firearms; the Indoor Range makes an excellent alternative for shooters who prefer to ply their trade indoors as well as during the winter months when the outdoor ranges are generally not operating.

Archery Range

With arguably the largest and best-equipped Archery range in Waterloo Region, Elmira District Rod & Gun Club is proud to offer a superior Archery experience to members and competitors in our numerous well-attended Tournaments. The Archery range presents members with a wide array of shooting targets ranging from traditional paper bullseyes to top of the line realistic 3D animal targets maintained by the club. With room for half a dozen Archers, table space for bows, arrows and bags plus parking just footsteps away, Archery at our Club is practiced the way it was meant to be, in a realistic outdoor environment free of distraction and cramped shooting spaces.