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2017/04/15 - Gun Show
2017/04/22 - CWTF Dinner
2017/04/30 - Fun Shoot
2017/05/27 - Military Shoot
2017/06/03&04 - ORSA
2017/06/12&26 - Silhouette Shoot
2017/06/17&18 - ORSA
2017/07/02 - ORSA
2017/07/10&24 - Silhouette Shoot
2017/07/22 - 3D Archery
2017/08/14&28 - Silhouette Shoot
2017/08/19 - 3D Archery
2017/08/26&27 - ORSA
2017/09/30&10/01 - ORSA
2017/10/29 - ORSA
Range Safety Bulletin

By orders of the Club Range Safety Officer, archery access to the bush range in the clay bird fallout zone is now closed permanently. The physical barricades on the archery range have been reinstalled at that point and should not be crossed.

Renewal Deadline Reminder

A reminder to all members, the renewal deadline is December 31, 2016. A membership renewal form must now be completed and submitted along with your dues. Click here to obtain the form. Members are encouraged to pay their renewal dues at the November or December club meeting by cash or cheque. In addition to the meetings, the following dates have been announced for members unable to attend the November or December meetings:

October 28th, 7-9pm November 8th, (after meeting) November 22nd, 7-9pm November 30th, 7-9pm December 3rd, 2-4pm December 10th, 11am-1pm December 13th, (after meeting) December 27th, 7-9pm.

Last chance January renewal dates ($25 late payment fee in effect) January 7, 9am-3pm January 17, 7-9pm LAST CHANCE - January 29, 2-4pm

Anyone unable to attend any of these dates should make arrangements to mail a cheque (not cash) as soon as possible.

Members who are unable to pay their dues in person will need to pick up their keys at a subsequent Club meeting, under no circumstances will keys be mailed or special appointments to pick them up granted. No exceptions will be made.

Anyone who has not renewed their membership by December 31, 2016 will be assessed a $25 penalty fee. Anyone who has not renewed by January 31, 2017 will need to reapply for Club membership. No Exceptions will be made, get your dues in!

Mail Server Back Online

The mail server has been repaired.