Club Regulations
  • All membership dues must be paid no later than the December Annual Club Meeting (excluding new members joining throughout the year).
  • New members must have a range tour, receive a copy of Club regulations & specific range rules before using Club facilities.
  • Photo ID badges must be worn and/or displayed by all members. If you cannot prove that you are a current member you must leave the Club property if asked to do so.
  • All members must report any range damage or misconduct to Range Officer and/or Club Executives.
  • Any conduct with the Chief Firearms Office regarding any issue at this Club can only be done by the acting Range Operator who is presently recorded as main contact for this Club.
  • Members are asked to take the time to make any minor repairs such as replacing backer boards, emptying garbage, trimming grass from top of bunkers.
  • Main Gate
    • If gate is locked when you arrive, lock it after entering.
    • If gate is open when you arrive, leave it open. However, if you are the last one to leave, lock it.
    • Main gate Range In Use sign must be used every time shooting occurs on Club facility.
  • Everyone using Club ranges are to be aware of possible lead residue on ranges. No food or drink allowed on ranges.
  • Appoint a Range Officer. It is the duty of everyone on Club property to make sure all shooting is conducted in a safe manner and anyone, including spectators, witnessing unsafe handling of firearms or conduct may call a cease fire.
  • Eye & ear protection must be used by all shooters & ear protection used by spectators.
  • Members are responsible for their guests and must be in total supervision of them for shooting discipline being used.
  • Members may only bring a guest a maximum of three times, after that they either join the club or shoot elsewhere.
  • Anyone under the influence of alcohol is not to handle a firearm.
  • The shooting positions kneeling, sitting or lying on range floor are NOT permitted on any range at this Club.
  • Take any defective ammo home with you for proper disposal. Do not put it in Club garbage containers.
  • Red/Green Light System
    • All shooters are to use Range In Use signs & the Red/Green light system where provided.
    • Red light must be on when firearms are being handled in any manner.
    • Green light is on only when it is safe to go forward of the firing line.
    • No one can touch a firearm when green light is on.
  • The circuit breaker for range lights is the top right one located in fuse panel downstairs in the storage room behind pool room.
  • Targets must be placed on backer boards & all metallic silhouettes must be inside bunkers.
  • Pick up brass & dispose of targets after your event.
  • No portable target holders allowed unless authorized by Club Executive.
  • Water bottles & balloons are permitted as targets but must be in bunkers or on backer boards. Dispose of them when finished.
  • Human silhouette targets are NOT allowed at this Club.
  • When sighting in shotguns, bring your own cardboard to be placed in front of bunkers to prevent backer boards from being destroyed.
  • Anyone caught placing targets on top of bunkers or on overhead baffles will be permanently evicted from Club property.
  • Prohibited firearms & home made firearms are not allowed on Club property (grandfathered handguns are permitted).
  • Restricted firearms users must have a valid Authorization To Transport & must use sign-in book provided in 100yd range target shed or indoor range.
  • Members who own restricted firearms & have a valid Authorization To Transport & wish to introduce a guest to the sport may only bring one guest at a time & he or she must be under direct supervision at all times.
  • Air rifles above 500 ft/second must comply with all CFO firearms regulations regarding range use. Note: Pellet pistols above 500 ft/second are a restricted firearm.

The following infractions will result in permanent eviction from this Club:

  • Disregarding of Club regulations.
  • Improper use of firearms and/or Club facilities or equipment.
  • Disregard to fellow members.
  • Theft of any kind.

Indoor Range

The indoor range is sanctioned for handguns, .22 rimfire, air-rifle and archery only. If archery is being used, you must supply a butt stop placed directly in front of backstop. Archery & firearms CANNOT be used simultaneously.

  • Both doors must be locked when shooting is in progress.
  • Range warning lights must be used when shooting is in progress.
  • Five rounds max in autoloaders
  • Jacketed bullets are prohibited
  • No shooting of firearms is allowed forward of the stationary firing line.
  • No portable target any type is permitted for use with firearms.
  • When finished shooting, pick up all brass, dispose of targets and sweep entire area before leaving. Gloves and masks are available.

Bush Air Rifle Range

  • Range is limited to air rifles of 500 ft/second or less.
  • Archery may also be used on the bush air rifle range.
  • When the bush air rifle range is being used, the clay bird thrower CANNOT be used.
  • Sign must be placed on bird thrower indicating air rifle range is in use.

100 Yard Range

  • The 100 Yard & 100/200 Yard Ranges CAN be used simultaneously.
  • The gate between these two ranges must be kept closed.
  • The 100 Yard range & clay bird thrower CAN be used simultaneously.
  • The 100 Yard Range is sanctioned for handgun, centrefire, .22 rimfire, shotgun, black powder & air rifle.
  • Standing & sitting at benches is only position allowed. No shooting forward of shooting benches.
  • All shooting at bunkers & backstops must be done at designated shooting benches pertaining to distance as posted above shooting bench.
  • If air rifles are being used at distances other than the 25, 50 or 75 Yard bunkers, metallic silhouettes must be in a suitable constructed bunker approved by the Club Range Operator to prevent ricochets.
  • Range In use sign & red/green light must be used.

Clay Bird Thrower/Shotgun Range

  • The Clay Bird Thrower/Shotgun Range CANNOT be used when Bush Air Rifle Range is in use.
  • The rope on pole at SE corner of Club house must be strung across to the tree at the LH side of the 100 Yard Range berm & provided signs hung on rope indicating Clay Bird Thrower/Shotgun Range in use.
  • Only one shooter at a time who must be inside shooting cage.
  • Pick up all shells & break up clay birds on lawn to as small as possible.

100/200 Yard Combination Range

  • This range is BENCH REST shooting position only.
  • This range is sanctioned for centrefire only.
  • Range In Use sign & red/green light system must be used.
  • Also the ORANGE 200 Yard Range In Use sign situated at the 100 Yard Range shooting bench must be lowered.
  • Shooters may take their vehicle on pathway to 200 Yard shooting bench to unload equipment but must park their vehicle in Club parking lot to further warn that the 200 Yard Range is in use.
  • Air Rifle shooters must have metallic silhouettes in a suitable constructed bunker approved by the Club Range Operator to prevent ricochets.

Archery Range

  • To date there is no CFO jurisdiction over Archery Ranges.
  • Archers are asked NOT to use broadheads on non-3D targets in practice area.
  • Targets are placed in designated areas by archery Executives and are not to be relocated by members.
  • The last 1/3 of the Archery Trail is closed until further notice; Archers may use the first 2/3 up to the rope barrier at the end of the stretch behind the 100-Yard Range.